In this post, you’ll learn all you need to know about Panama Digital Nomad Visa, and how to apply for the Panama Digital Nomad Visa, so ensure that you read this post till the end.

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What Is Panama Digital Nomad Visa

Panama Digital Nomad Visa is a short-term visa primarily accepted into law for non-citizens typically for remote workers, and it offers them the privileged to stay in the county for a maximum of 9 months.

The short-term nomad Visa is a solution for many remote workers looking to move to the country, Moreover, the Panama Digital nomad visa was created on the 7th of May, 2021, by an Executive decree.

The primary reason for the establishment of this visa, Non-Resident category, is to encourage telecommuting travelers and remote workers to engage in tourism.

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How to Qualify for a Panama Digital Nomad Visa?

Panama Digital Nomad Visa was specially created for people with the following criteria:

Work remotely

The Digital Nomad Visa is for people with a valid working contract with any foreign company, or you can as well show that you are an independent freelancer, web designer, or any remote worker.

Secondly, the teleworking you are meant to provide must not be from businesses within Panama, they must come from a foreign country. Lastly, your minimum income should be nothing less than $36,000 annually, by remote working.

Requirements to Apply For Panama Digital Nomad Visa

Applying for a digital nomad Visa can be very time-consuming, the application process can take between 20 to 30 days before it can be completed.

Meanwhile, below we have listed the necessary documents required to apply for the Panama Digital nomad Visa, which are:

1.     Full Application Form

To get the application form, check any nearby Panama embassy or consulate for the form.

2.     Passport

Before applying for a Panama Digital nomad Visa, you’re required to have a three-month passport validity from your arrival date in the country.

3.     You need A Certified passport copy.

You are required to provide three passports of three different sizes. Which are 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm). (25 – 35 mm)

4.     Funds

Another Important requirement you must have is enough funds, to be able to fund yourself, and also to pay for your return home, after the expiration of the visa, or if you wish to renew the visa. Moreover, you also need to have it in mind that you’ll also need to spend some funds when you get to Panama, which includes, housing, transportation, feeding, etc. So, ensure that you have sufficient funds with you that will sustain you till you return, although you’ll still be doing your normal job, it’s best to plan. In some cases, moving to a new place can be more expensive than expected, so you must be financially prepared.

5.     Clean criminal certificate

A clean criminal certificate is another important criterion for the Panama Digital Nomad visa application. To get your clean criminal record ready, you can check any local police department nearby to issue the certificate.

6.     Credible Medical Insurance

You are required to provide a health insurance document for remote workers who are living abroad to travel to Panama. Medical insurance is a very important document that you must provide before you’ll be approved to receive a nomad visa in Panama.

7.     Minimum Annual income

You need to provide a document showing your annual income, the minimum annual income accepted is $36,000. To show you earn enough income, you can visit your can for bank certifications and bank statements.

8.     Proof of the Validity of the Company outside Panama

You also need to show proof, a valid clarification document from your company is required. Which also includes your existing contract with the company.

The Benefit of Panama Digital Nomad Visa

There is numerous benefit to having a Panama digital nomad visa, below is the list of benefits:

1. Tourism:

The Panama digital nomad visa provides opportunities for remote workers to go for tourism in Panama, allowing them to visit different places within Panama.

To you, It’s a special offer that grants remote workers the privilege to go on tourism in Panama

2. Visitation

Most remote workers find it difficult to visit their friends and family members in Panama.  Meanwhile, this will provide them with the needed opportunity to travel over to Panama to visit their friends and family, and also continue their normal daily job.

Visitation is a beautiful thing, and it’s not limited to remote workers, so, getting the digital nomad visa to Panama gives you the needed opportunity to see your old friends and families you have been longing to visit for a long time.

3. Encourage remote workers:

Digital and remote workers do find it difficult to travel to other countries due to their busy schedules. However, the Panama digital nomad visa will encourage remote workers to go for tourism in Panama for a short term, which is 9 months, and it can be renewed.

4. No tax

Traveling to Panama as a remote worker without a digital nomad visa might lead to paying taxes. However, once you can get the nomad visa, you won’t have to pay any taxation fee, because your earnings will not be coming from a company within Panama. So, to avoid paying unnecessary taxes, a Panama nomad visa is the best solution for remote workers that are finding it difficult to come for tourism in Panama.

How Much Does it Cost to Apply for Panama Digital Nomad Visa?

The average cost to apply for a digital nomad visa to Panama is $300.


The Panama digital nomad visa is a great opportunity for remote workers like freelancers, Web designers, programmers, and bloggers, to explore different places within Panama.  It also allows them to visit friends and family, and to learn more about different cities within Panama, should in case they might want to become full citizens later after.

So, in this post, we’ve discussed all you need to know about digital nomad visas in Panama, you can share with friends and family members that you know will love to learn more about this opportunity.

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