Do you doubt whether a felon is eligible for a passport? And you have been searching for the term “Can a felon get a passport”.

Or would you like to know if a felon can get a passport? If yes.

In this post, we have talked over the steps felon can get a passport, including the requirements.

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Can a felon get a passport?

Yes, a felon can be issued a passport, and that’s only if you were convicted of a felony but were not sentenced to more than one year in prison, then you may be able to get a passport.

But if the felon has been convicted of treason, espionage, murder, or other crimes punishable by death or imprisonment for more than one year the person won’t be eligible to get a passport, regardless of the time the person committed the crime.

5 reasons why a felon is ineligible for a passport

The primary reason why most felons weren’t eligible for a passport is that they were convicted of crimes, which automatically Limits such an individual as a menace to the community and ineligible for a passport.

Meanwhile, below we have inscribed and clarified the 5 reasons why a felon is ineligible for a passport.

·       Not a citizen of the United States

If the individual is not a full citizen of the United States of America and has been convicted of a crime whereby he used more than 12 months in imprisonment, then the felon won’t be issued a passport.

·       Unpardoned criminal record

Once an individual still has a criminal record that has not been pardoned by the government, then such a person won’t be eligible for a passport, because they are being labeled dangerous and untrusted.

·       Being on probation or parole

Once a felon is on probation or parole, that person won’t be eligible for a passport, because of his status.

·       Outstanding felony warrants

If a felon has any outstanding felony warrants, then that might implicate him as well, the individual won’t be eligible for a passport.

·       Discharge from the army dishonorably

If a felony was initially dishonorably discharged from the armed forces, then, that person will automatically be disqualified from receiving a passport.

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List of Requirements to Get a Passport as a felon

A felon who wants to get a passport must first check if they are eligible. If the individual is a citizen, they can apply for a passport.

However, if the felon is not a citizen and has been convicted of an offense that would prohibit them from becoming one, they cannot get a passport.

If the felon is eligible to apply for a passport, they must provide certain documentation, such as:

·       Proof of citizenship:

Firstly, the felon has to provide proof of citizenship documents, the individual can use either a birth certificate or a naturalization certificate.

·       Proof of identity

Secondly, the felon will be asked for proof of identity document or card, the individual can use a driver’s license or state ID card as proof of identity.

·       Proof of residence

Next, you’ll have to verify your Residence documents, which you can use either a utility bill or rental agreement with your name as the applicant.

·       Proof of Physical Appearance

The applicant will be asked to provide proof of physical appearance, which are photos taken within 30 days of the application date, and must be Two 2×2 photos.

·       Proof that the applicant is not currently incarcerated.

The felon must tender a proof of document that shows he’s not incarcerated.

·       Proof of no debit

Next, the felon will be asked to provide proof that they have paid all of their court-ordered financial obligations.

·       Proof of no probation or parole

Another document the felon will need is proof that the individual has completion of any probation or parole requirements.

·       Proof of no conviction in another country

Lastly, the felon will be asked d to provide a certified copy of an official document confirming that the applicant has no felony convictions in any country outside his current location.

How a Felon Can Apply For a Passport

After you have gone through the requirements that are needed before applying for a passport as a felon, and you were able to get them, then you can proceed to apply for the passport.

To apply for a passport as a felon you can follow the few steps below, which are:

Step 1: Request a form

First, you need to contact the passport agency and ask for an application form.

Step 2: Submit all the necessary proofs

Next, as we have listed under the requirement for a passport as a felon, you must provide the necessary documents which will be used as proof.

Moreover, you will have to go to the court where your conviction took place and request a certificate of eligibility.

Make sure you request all necessary documents without leaving any document behind, missing a single document might make the applicant disapprove.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Once you have this document, fill out the application form with all of the information that is required by law.

You must also ensure you have attached copies of documents like your birth certificate, or driver’s license, as well as any other documents that are required.

Also make sure you fill out the application form with the right details, and attach the documents rightly, without making any mistakes.

Step 4: Wait For the Approval

Finally, after submitting your application to the official mail, you’ll have to wait for approval from the agency, before you’ll be asked to submit it in person at any of their offices close to your location.

Once you are approved and invited to submit the documents, make sure you go along with all the documents you used for your application without changing anything.


Many people tend to ask the same question, which is “can a felon get a passport,” the answer is “YES” but it comes with a condition that must be met by the felon before being issued a passport.

Meanwhile, in this article, we have explained the Requirements, steps, and reasons a felon can get a passport.

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