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In this post, we’ve explained the meaning, steps to apply, benefits, and Requirements to apply for dual citizenship in Mexico.

What is Dual Citizenship and How Does it Work in Mexico?

Dual citizenship Mexico is a policy that allows citizens of another country to have dual citizenship in Mexico, This means that if you are a Mexican citizen, you can also be an American.

Some List of European countries that also allow dual citizenship; EU countries that allow dual nationality: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

In Mexico, citizens are allowed to obtain dual citizenship with the United States and other countries, while the United States does not allow its citizens to have dual Mexican citizenship.

Dual Citizenship can be beneficial to both countries, but when one is against it, it might not be possible.

The dual citizenship policy in Mexico gives people the opportunity to become full citizens of Mexico, without having to be born or Descent of in Mexico.

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Requirements for Dual Mexican Citizenship

The requirements for Dual Mexican Citizenship vary depending on the situation of the applicant.

But the applicant must meet the requirements before applying for dual citizenship in Mexico.

Below are the requirements:

1. Proof of Date of Birth

The Applicant needs to submit proof of their date of birth which was issued by his previous country, to the Mexican dual Citizenship officials.

It’s a very essential document used to determine the real age of the applicant.

2. Marriage Certificate

The marriage certificate applies to those who have a wife in Mexico, the applicant will have to submit the marriage certificate as proof. Meanwhile, the marriage must be older than 2 years to be eligible for this condition.

3.  Previous Citizenship certificate

The applicant needs to bring proof of his citizenship certificate with his/her other country, to validate some details.

4. Must have spent 2 years in Mexico (marriage)

If a person is applying for Mexican dual citizenship and the applicant is married to a citizen of Mexico, he must have to spend a minimum of 2 years, living peacefully in Mexico, before the person will be eligible for dual citizenship.

5. Must have Used 5 years in Mexico

This requirement is typically for someone who doesn’t have a family member in Mexico, the applicant will have to spend a minimum of 5 years in Mexico before such a person will be eligible for dual citizenship in Mexico.

6. Applicant’s Age

The minimum age to apply for dual citizenship in Mexico is 18 years and above. Any age below will be disapproved.

7. Language barrier

Applicant must have sufficient knowledge of how to speak and Understand Spanish or an indigenous language.

8. Geography, history, and culture

The applicant must have a good idea of the history and cultural practices in Mexico before applying. And must also have a good understanding of the geographical part of Mexico.

9. No criminal record

Having a criminal record will forfeit the applicant’s chances of being offered Mexican dual citizenship. And Applicants found with a criminal record will automatically be disqualified.

10. Good Community Service

The applicant needs to be of good behavior and also render community service.

Benefits of Acquiring Mexican Citizenship?

There are numerous benefits to acquiring Mexican citizenship, below are the primary benefits of dual citizenship in Mexico:

1. Become a legal Citizen of Mexico

Becoming a citizen via dual citizenship application is one of the primary ways to become a legal Mexican citizen.

2. Work, study, and live in Mexico without Restrictions

One of the major benefits of dual citizenship in Mexico is that it allows people to work, study, and live in Mexico without restrictions.

3. Entitled to Government Services

Another important benefit of dual citizenship in Mexico is that it gives the Applicant the entitlement to enjoy free governmental Services, which are offered to only legal citizens of Mexico, like healthcare services, etc.

4. Travel to Mexico without a Visa

Once a person is granted dual citizenship, the person will be eligible to travel back to Mexico without any restrictions, or any special visa to work, study, or live in Mexico.

How to Apply for Dual Citizenship in Mexico

Applying for dual citizenship in Mexico isn’t that difficult, once you already know the requirements and benefits, all you need to do next is to wait till you have finally settled and met the requirements before applying.

The following are the steps to apply for dual citizenship in Mexico:

1.  Get the Dnn-3 Application Form

The very first step to applying for dual citizenship in Mexico is to get the application form to begin the process. This happens only after you have met the requirements to enroll for dual citizenship.

2. Get the Required Documents

Now you’ll have to provide the necessary documents that are required while submitting the form. Documents like: valid residency cards, fingerprints, birth certificates or naturalization certificates. You’ll need two copies of each document, ensure you hold the original and make a photocopy of each document.

3. Submit the application

Once you’re done filling out the form and getting all the necessary Applications, now you’ll have to submit the form to the Mexico officials in charge.

4.  Ensure that you can speak Spanish

You must learn the Spanish language to be qualified to be accepted by Mexican officials. You’ll be tested to see if you’re eligible for the dual citizenship Mexican certificate. The process of applying for dual citizenship in Mexico is fairly straightforward and should not take more than a few weeks to complete.

5. Wait for the Respond

Once you have done and submitted the application and pass the test. Then you’ll have to wait for a response, which might take a few weeks.


This post will show you how to apply, the requirements, and the benefits of dual citizenship in Mexico. Dual Citizenship in Mexico gives people from another country the opportunity to become a legal citizen of Mexico after meeting the requirements.

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