Jamb Subject Combinations for Environmental Science

I’m sure you’ll also want to know the correct jamb subject combinations for environmental science; if yes, in this post, we’ve revealed the right Subject Combinations for studying environmental science and also included other essential related topics.

On this page, we’ve covered the following:

List of Universities Offering Environmental Science in Nigeria

Few Universities are Offering Environmental science in Nigeria; it’s essential to identify them, which is why we’ve compiled a list of federal, state and private universities offering Environmental science in Nigeria below:

1. Abia State University (ABSU) – State University

2. Bestower International University (BIU) – Private University

The list is concise, which means there are limited numbers of universities offering Environmental science in Nigeria.

WAEC NECO NABTEB Subjects Requirements For Studying Environmental Science

A student that is aspiring to study Environmental Science must have at least 5 O’level SSC credit pass in the five core subjects Required to study Environmental Science in the University, which we have listed below:

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English language




You should also include any other trade subject to the 9 Subjects required when Registering for any O’level SSCE.

Jamb Subject Combinations For Environmental Science

If you plan to study Environmental Science at the University, make sure you enroll for the following jamb Subject Combinations to gain Admission to your desired course and Institution.

  • English language
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics or Mathematics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What subjects are needed for environmental science?

To study Environmental science, you must select the right Subject Combinations For both jamb and WAEC. For WAEC, you need at least a credit pass in the following subjects English language, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or geography. In contrast, you need English language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Mathematics for jamb.

Can I study Environmental Science with a combination of Biology, Chemistry, and Geography in JAMB?

You can study Environmental science with biology, Chemistry, and geography. In jamb, you must ensure you also have the right subject combinations on your O’level SSC Result.

Is Physics a compulsory subject for JAMB if I want to study Environmental Science?

No, You can choose physics or mathematics to study Environmental science, so make sure you include any of Mathematics or Physics when enrolling for jamb.

Can I choose Mathematics as one of the subjects for JAMB if I want to study Environmental Science?

Yes, you can include mathematics or Physics to your jamb subject combinations if you plan to study Environmental science in Nigeria; mathematics is not compulsory to study Environmental science in Nigeria, but if you’re not choosin physics that’s when mathematics becomes compulsory.

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In Conclusion

To study Environmental science at the University, you must select the correct Subject Combinations For both jamb and your O’level SSCE results. Candidates who fail to choose the right combinations might forfeit their chance of studying their desired course.


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