Do you have any unpermitted work that you want to legalize? Or would you like to learn how to legalize unpermitted work?

If yes, in this article, you’ll learn how to legalize unpermitted work, so ensure that you read this article till the end.

What does it mean to legalize unpermitted work?

To legalize unpermitted work is a situation whereby a person constructed a building without the permission of the authorities, and the individual is seeking to legalize the Unpermitted Work.

In a simple explanation, legalizing unpermitted work means making work or construction that was illegal legal. And according to the law unauthorized work will be marked illegal, and such construction risks facing a citation fee of over $1000, which would be enforced once the person is reluctant to make corrections.

Meanwhile, selling the property to a new owner won’t make it legal, the new buyer will still need to ensure that he gets an issued permit for the property.

For example, if you bought a house and it wasn’t too great, then either of your friends, family, or colleague came around, and you decided to repair the infrastructure without contacting the building permit officials to inform them of the new changes, then such Project is an illegal work. And, if you went on to complete it without still informing the authorities, then such a Project will be marked illegal.

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How to Know an Unpermitted Work

Recognizing unpermitted work is a nice move to avoid buying illegal Properties.

There are multiple ways to know and illegal unpermitted work:

1. Check it online

Check the building permit status on the city’s website.

There are many ways to check for legalized construction online, moreover, the site you go for is depending on your location, site like:

  2. North Carolina:

2. Ask the Neighbor

Another beautiful way is to ask neighbors or building occupants whether they know about the construction.

This is a very smart idea, because the owner of the property might not want to let you know about it, and you shouldn’t let the person Know that you’re searching for more information about the property.

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3. Check for a Sign

In some situations, you will have to check for a sign that says “No Trespassing”. Moreover not all Properties do have such marks.

My main advice is that the person decides to try any of the options above.

4. Building code

Using code to search is another fast means of knowing a legalized permit Property.

To use the code, you can check on the below site, or you can make further research depending on your region.

Importance of Legalizing Unpermitted Work

There are multiple benefits of legalizing unpermitted work, the following are the importance of legalizing unpermitted work, Such as:

1. Legalizing a Building

One of the importance of legalizing unauthorized work is to give people the opportunity to legalize it.

2. Insurance

Unpermitted work will not be eligible to enjoy the advantage of Property insurance, whereas damages on the property won’t be attended to. So, once a person decides to legalize unpermitted work, the individual will then be entitled to government Services and insurance to support during damages.

3. Avoid Citation fee

Avoiding paying citations is one of the benefits of legalizing unpermitted work. Failure to legalize unpermitted work might see the owner being penalized by the authorities. Instead of paying the penalty fee, you should avoid it and make the necessary changes.

4. Sell the Property Easily

Selling a building without an issued permit is illegal, and if the person does the necessary finding it might be impossible to sell. So, legalizing unpermitted work will grant you the opportunity to sell your property without issues.

How to Legalize Unpermitted Work

There are multiple options you can go for, but it’s important you know without legalizing the unpermitted work, you’ll have to pay a citation fee.

Instead of paying the citation fee, you should make a timely correction.

The following are the way to legalize unpermitted work:

1. Put the building in its old look

It might sound funny, but it is one of the ways to avoid unnecessary disturbance, whereby you’ll be expected to pay a citation fee of $1000, depending on your location it can be more, some cities pay a citation fee of $5,000.

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Moreover, it depends on the changes made to the building, you might want to consider putting it back to its old design, and ensure that you contact the authorities before making any changes.

This idea is best when you made changes that can easily be amended.

2.  Obtain a Permit as a New House

This option is one of the easiest ways to avoid paying a penalty fee for not requesting permission before carrying on with the project. However, before you can obtain such permission, you must have made only visible changes that an inspector can easily see without any special requirements. Besides, you’ll have to contact the building permit authorities.

3. Invite an Inspector

Lastly, if you made changes that covered and are not visible to everyone, you’ll have to invite an inspector from the authorities, alongside an architect to draw the plans out. In addition, In case you made changes to the Electronics, or plumbing part of the building, that is covered, you’ll as well need the help of an electrician, and plumber to provide a sketch of the work done in the Building.

Changes such as; washing hand bases, decks, gazebos, and water heater or furnace replacements.

Once you can provide proof of all changes made, and they were inspected, you will be issued a permit.

Wrapping Things up

Legalizing unpermitted work is still the best action to take once a person falls victim of entailing in illegal construction, by not informing the authorities before making changes. Doing this enables the person to avoid issues with the authorities and enjoy other benefits attached to having a validly issued permit.

In conclusion, in this post, we have explained the steps to legalize unpermitted work, and why it is important.

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